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In re that Tumblr post:

Some catfishing ratchet reminds us that "a hit dog barks." And not to burst her "white girls only" bubble too, but the #1 ebony in the current SF rankings came out of my shop too. From the ground up; a simple college athlete and science major.


My record speaks for itself. I've produced four actual #1 ranked girls (in SF), over ten more in the Top 5, and most of the rest inside the Top 15. Right now (as of 8/27/16), it's THE ENTIRE CURRENT TOP 5 (under 30 y/o) in SF - and recently delisted #4 (under 30 y/o).


These ladies represent the #1 ebony, the #1, #2 and #3 asians, the #1 latina - and - (under 30) the #1 and recently de-listed #2 white girls. And for the cherry on top, those current #1 and #2 ladies (in SF, under 30) are #36 and #42 in the entire U.S. (as of 8/27/16).


Honestly, some people's children ...


* funny update - I actually hear from them now (for help). tracking cookies show them coming right out of the tumblr threads. lmfao. no thanks.



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